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Audiologue? Silly name.

Let’s talk about what we’re doing here.

What is Audiologue?

Audiologue is a site to review and discuss all things podcast and radio.

Audiologue, is that a real word?

Not in English. It was a healthy medium between ideologue and audio log, so we went with it.

Is there a difference between a “podcast” and a “radio show”?

Not for our purposes, but if you’d like to pen a thousand-word write-up on why that distinction is important, we’d be happy to publish it.

Can I join in/pitch a story?

Sure, send a story/writing sample or a pitch to contribute@audiologue.xyz, and someone will get back to you within a few days. Please note: you cannot review a show or episode that you are affiliated with.

Can you review my show?

Maybe. The volume of shows already on the to do list is substantial, but all of us are suckers for good tape. If you have a show you’d like be written up on Audiologue, send a link and brief description to contribute@audiologue.xyz, and someone will get back to you within a few days.

What do I have to do to publish a Shameless write-up?

Shameless write-ups are by invitation only, and generally invites are a perk for frequent contributors to get their work out there. If you’d like to start writing for us, send a missive to contribute@audiologue.xyz.

Are you rehosting my audio?

Any audio on the site is embedded from its source, which in turn is linked to in every review. If someone plays your show from our site, it will be included in your analytics.

About the Author

Eric McDaniel is the founder of Audiologue, where he covers 99% Invisible. Right now, his favorite shows are Mystery Show and Cortex. Find him on Twitter @ericmmcd, or by email at eric@audiologue.xyz.

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