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NBA Over/Under—Western Conference (Ep. 268) No ratings yet.

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    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House, Jason Concepcion, and Kevin O’Connor to discuss the analytics cases for Devin Booker and Andrew Wiggins (8:00), Dennis Smith Jr.’s potential in Dallas (11:00), hypothetical Mike Conley Jr. trades (16:00), the Boogie experiment in New Orleans (22:00), Ricky Rubio’s fit in Utah (28:00), the talent ceiling of the Clippers (35:00), the Nuggets’ new look (43:00), Jeff Teague’s average point guard play (50:00), the stars in OKC (56:00), the Spurs without Kawhi Leonard (1:05:00), the backcourt of Harden and CP3 (1:14:00), the Warriors’ continued dominance (1:19:00), and the Lakers with Lonzo Ball (1:22:00).

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