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Ep. 66: NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers w/ Juliet Litman and Chris Ryan No ratings yet.

    Episode Description:

    HBO’s Bill Simmons leans on Juliet and Chris for help in making sense of the NBA trade deadline. Topics include: Duke-UNC upset (5:00), the Warriors’ supremacy (7:00), the savant Sean Marks (10:30), Frank Vogel on ‘The Bachelor’ (13:30), Cleveland’s ability to be beaten (17:15), the Thunder’s formula (20:30), problems in Phoenix (30:00), the Grizzles (33:00), the competitive Celtics (37:00), Orlando’s odd dynamic (41:30), BK’s new outlook (46:00), the pageantry of Kobe (53:00), and overall winners and losers (56:00).

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