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Ep. 186: Friday Rollin’ With Mike Lombardi, Kevin Clark, and JackO No ratings yet.

    Episode Description:

    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons brings on Mike Lombardi and Kevin Clark to discuss NFL free agency, Deshaun Watson’s draft fit (7:00), Mike Glennon in Chicago (11:00), the Patriots signing Stephon Gilmore (19:00), Brandin Cooks rumors (26:00), the Romo-coaster (34:00), and which L.A. football team will be the worst (40:00). Then, JackO joins to give his thoughts on Trump’s presidency (48:00), Mike Francesa’s reunion with Mad Dog (1:04:00), ‘SNL’ so far this season (1:08:00), and building a women’s basketball dynasty at Holy Cross (1:11:00).

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