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Ep. 136: Week 8 Lines, NBA Futures, and World Series Predictions With Cousin Sal No ratings yet.

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    HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to discuss the fall of football (3:00), adding entertainers to the TV booth (8:00), Tom Brady’s MVP odds (13:00), ‘Sunday Night Football’ vs. the World Series (17:30), Blake Bortles’s road record (22:00), the lowest NFL spreads ever (25:00), the problem with the PAT (28:00), the four worst teams in the league (31:00), the out-of-sync offenses (38:00), the NFC East vs. the AFC West (45:40), Dan Quinn’s questionable call (50:30), Warriors vs. the field championship odds (56:50), LeBron’s MVP campaign (59:00), the Cubs’ curse (1:03:30), and the Indians’ best hope with Andrew Miller (1:05:00).

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