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#491: The Debt Ceiling, Obamacare And Welfare No ratings yet.

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    On today’s show: Three ripped-from-the-headlines stories from Planet Money. What A U.S. Default Would Mean For Pensions, China, And Social Security If the government defaults on its debt, people all over the world who have loaned the government money won’t get paid on time. One Key Thing No One Knows About Obamacare Obamacare won’t work unless healthy people buy insurance. No one knows whether they will. Is Welfare A Rational Alternative To Work? A new paper argues that the value of various welfare benefits add up to well over $30,000 a year. People on welfare disagree. Note: These stories initially aired on the radio. Music: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears’ “I’m Broke” and M83’s “Steve McQueen.” Find us: Twitter/ Facebook/Spotify/ Tumblr. Download the Planet Money iPhone App.

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