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#267: A New Mom And The President of Iceland No ratings yet.

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    In the spring of 2011, voters an Iceland had to decide whether to pick up the tab for mistakes bankers made before the financial crisis. We visited Iceland just before the vote and met Heiða Dóra Jónsdóttir, a 29-year-old new mom. Heiða was trying to figure out how to vote so we set up interviews for her with a bunch of experts on the subject, including Iceland’s president. Heiða and the majority of Icelanders eventually voted “no” on the referendum, but the fight didn’t end there. The British and Dutch governments took Iceland to court to try to recover money their citizens lost when an Icelandic bank failed. On today’s show: we revisit that story from 2011 and give an update on how the years-long, international, multi-billion-dollar battle turned out.

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