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What Sen. Wyden Does When He’s Not Questioning Comey or Sessions No ratings yet.

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    When Ron Wyden got to Congress, Oregon was known for its wood products and the Internet was a series of tubes. Now, things are a little more complicated.

    Government hacking. Feds reading Americans’ emails. Border agents demanding your passwords. Corporations selling off your browsing habits. And our old friend, net neutrality. Sen. Wyden can get down into the weeds with the best of them. This week, he geeks out with Manoush about Rule 41, Section 702, and all the other acronyms and provisions that rule your life online. 

    “I had to push back against overreach in the Bush administration, in the Obama administration, and I think it would be fair to say I’m going to be no less busy during the Trump Administration,” Sen. Wyden says.

    With his seat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which heard from former FBI Director James Comey last week, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions yesterday, odds are pretty good.



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