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    Tina Brown, the former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, is the founder of Women in the World. Her latest book is The Vanity Fair Diaries.

    “I believed that my bravado had no limit, if you know what I mean. I see limits now, let’s put it that way. I do see limits. But you know, I’m still pretty reckless when I want something. That’s why I don’t tweet much. I’ll say something that will just cause me too much trouble.”

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    1. @TinaBrownLM
    2. [00:00] Longform Best of 2017
    3. [03:00] Vanity Fair Diaries (Henry Holt and Co. • 2014)
    4. [05:35] Tatler
    5. [12:00] “Darkness Visible” (William Styron • Vanity Fair • Dec 1989)
    6. [14:40] “Guarding Sing Sing” (Ted Conover • New Yorker • April 2000)
    7. [14:40] Longform Podcast #38 Ted Conover
    8. [16:00] “Dominick Dunne on His Daughter’s Murder” (Dominick Dunne • Vanity Fair • March 1984)
    9. [28:10] “10 Years Ago, an Omen No One Saw” (David Carr • New York Times • Aug 2009)
    10. [31:50] The Diana Chronicles (Anchor • 2007)
    11. [38:40] “Bruna Papandrea Options Tina Brown’s ‘Vanity Fair Diaries’ For Limited TV Series” (Nellie Andreeva • Deadline • Sept 2017)
    12. [41:43] Women in the World


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