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    From January 22-26, Death, Sex & Money is partnering with Buzzfeed News to share conversations and essays about class and money—and the ways they manifest in our day to day lives and in our relationships with each other.



    For the past few months, we’ve been asking for your stories about when you’ve felt your class status the most. All next week, we’re sharing five conversations about class—whatever that means to you—and the ways it intersects with different parts of our lives. Two best friends talk about how being on the opposite ends of the middle class have impacted their ability to start families. A first-generation college student deep in debt bemoans how hard it is to climb up the class ladder—and how easy it is to fall down it. A mother of two teenagers talks about how her life looks different after her financial situation changed post-divorce. A son talks with his father about how their family became part of the 1%—and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. And a 73-year-old Vietnam vet who never got comfortable in the professional world reflects on how being white allowed him a level of fluidity in class status not afforded some of his non-white colleagues and friends.

    Look for those episodes all next week, January 22-26. In the meantime, take our class survey below! 





    “Class is complicated. So, so complicated,” a listener named Jessica wrote to us when we asked for your stories about class.

    While it pops up in many ways in our lives, class is a term that can be hard to pin down, and isn’t just about money. “My class is defined by my home and my education,” one listener wrote. “Class is your ability to rebound from inevitable setbacks,” another said. “Class does not define our worth or ability as humans,” wrote another listener. And a listener from the UK wrote about class, “We embrace it as who we are, not what we want to become.”

    One of our favorite class definitions came from Elizabeth in El Paso, Texas, who wrote, “I feel like class is a level of pride or shame.” So we want to hear from you: what embarrasses you about your current class status, and what makes you feel pride? Plus, tell us a song that sums up where you fit, class-wise. We’re making a playlist!



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