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    If you’ve been harassed or bullied on the job and are wondering what you can do about it, knowing where to start can help. Here are some resources you might find useful:

      The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund is a new initiative that offers subsidized legal aid to men and women who have experienced harassment or bullying on the job.
      From the New York Times, a roundup of advice from lawyers about what concrete steps you can take right now to document and report harassment or bullying you’ve experienced as it’s happening—and what you can do next.
      On, there’s a state-by-state directory of hotlines you can call to deal with emergency situations, as well as contact information for local organizations and agencies who can help closer to home.
      If you feel you have been the victim of discrimination at work and your employer has been unresponsive to your complaints, you can file a charge of employment discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 
      And outside of work, if you need to talk to someone but are on a limited budget, Open Path Collective is a network of mental health professionals who offer their services at a sharply reduced rate to people in need. 

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