CGP Grey and Myke Hurley are both independent content creators. Each episode, they discuss the methods and tools they employ to be productive and creative.

Cortex 38: A Vlog Is What You Make It No ratings yet.

    Episode Description:

    Myke is starting a Youtube channel, Grey’s office is ruined, and they both share their current phone homescreens.

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    Links and Show Notes

    Grey’s Writing Sanctuary (Office space)
    Myke’s New Youtube Channel

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    CaseyNeistat – YouTube
    Cortex Podcast – YouTube
    Cortex #26: Pick your Poison – Relay FM

    The last homescreeen discussion

    Grey’s Homescreen
    FLATzero by articted | dsktps

    Grey’s iPhone Wallpaper

    Myke’s Homescreen
    Upgradian | grafiksyndikat

    Myke’s iPhone Wallpaper

    Connected #110: Swimsuits and Sunglasses For Dogs – Relay FM

    Federico Viticci convinces Myke to use Snapchat

    Myke’s Watchface
    CARROT Weather
    Grey’s Work Watchface
    Grey’s Evening Watchface

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