Another Round

Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton cover everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes, all in one boozy podcast.

Episode 81: Y’all’s Parents Was Nasty (with Kelly Rowland) No ratings yet.

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    We’re talking music this week and we’ve got the one and only Kelly Rowland blessing the stude to talk about parenthood, nice pajamas and the “hell no’s” she heard on her path to fame. (If you’re wondering if Kelly glows so bright you can hardly look at her directly, the answer is yes.) And then, if you think you were conceived in a prayerful way with some missionary nookie, you’re wrong and Tracy is here to play you some songs that will haunt your dreams. We end this episode with some R&B-inspired rounds, because black folk made music what it is, no matter who got the Grammy.

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