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The Sporkful: Ring in the New Year With a Beer

In my view, the selling point of the shower beer is that it’s materially improved by its the environment. Shower plus beer is greater than the sum of its parts. Just like the best meals are.

It only makes sense for the last Sporkful episode of the year to revisit to an old favorite. I won’t call it leftovers, as it’s also got a new wrapper of added materials.

And it’s one of my favorite varieties of Sporkful episodes, as we head to the phones! And talking about shower beers! What more can you ask for? I hope 2016 ends in similar fashion.

Host Danny P. (new year, new nickname?) starts off with the thoughts from a caller from Denver, Max, who prefers a nice light or fruity beer in the shower. He seems to be yearning for a tropical mini-vacation right in his bathroom. Living in a mountainous landscape a mile above ground, that makes sense to me.

Mr. Pashman takes the opposite view, and think that a nice moderate stout may be the most perfect beer. (Though Pashman claims he even bring s Guinness to the beach, so his shower drink choices may be somewhat questionable). All in all, it’s important that we’re talking about shower beers—it’s all about boosting awareness. Many adults are disappointingly unaware of the benefits of combining showers and beers.

There are some who take a more twisted view of what is acceptable for consumption in the shower. Max’s friend Gina seems particularly questionable with her shower eating choices. She’s a big fan of eating ice cream sandwiches.

This just sounds stressful to me. You have to avoid the water, eat it quickly, and really have to avoid the shower. As Dan likes to point out, there’s a change in the window of optimal consumption for the sandwich (you don’t want to bite into the sandwich until the ice cream has softened a bit). And I agree, this does helps in the temperature control of the sandwich.

But at what cost?

I have to wonder, is there even a benefit to this sandwich being consumed in the shower? Couldn’t you just leave the ice cream sandwich out for a few minutes and then eat it once it is at your preferred level of softness?

In my view, the selling point of the shower beer is that it’s materially improved by the environment. Shower plus beer is greater than the sum of its parts. Just like the best meals are. They’re are enhanced by food and drink pairings, atmosphere, and company.

As a follow-up to Dan’s call with Gina, he brings in an expert to set things straight. 1 My takeaways were to avoid the soap zone and avoid the splash zone.

She also claims that the best foods or drinks to consume are ones that match preferred shower temperature. Colder showerer? Have beer or iced coffee. Hot showerer? Maybe some soup or hot coffe.

Apparently I’m quite the contrarian on shower food and drink consumption, as I really take issue with this. Shower beers are great. Shower hot coffee sounds absolutely awful. I can’t even imagine it. No one is drinking hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps in Hawaii, or some bastardized hot version of a mojito.

Hopefully something we can all agree on, is that shower eating just doesn’t seem right. One thing Gina gets right is the wine thermos. Along with making shower beers more popular, this is something to push in 2016.

In 2015, host Dan Pashman pledged to consume more MSG 2 and Pashman claims he throws it in everything now. Grilled Onions. Fried plantains. You name it.

Tune it to find out what Dan picked for this year’s resolution.

Mine? Lime-Cilantro rice. Why? Because Chipotle may not be around forever, and I’ve also recently learned that limes are one of my favorite ingredients.

What’s your new years food resolution?

  1. full disclosure, I didn’t pick up why she was an expert, but I ‘ll give Dan the benefit of the doubt ^
  2. monosodium glutamate, a salt-like additive that purportedly boosts the flavors in nearly all dishes ^

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