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Millennial: #9 “Becoming More of a Somebody”

Millennial is back. Will Megan Tan get the prestigious NPR Kroc Fellowship?

Millennial is, essentially, a serialized podcast. However, it’s less like following a murder-mystery drama or crime case, and more like getting a life update voicemail from your cool, ambitious friend. If you haven’t been following the series, here’s a quick recap: Megan Tan is a millennial, a recent college graduate, living in Maine; she’s been working at a restaurant and makes a podcast in her closet; most recently, she hopped on a plane to NPR HQ in Washington, D.C., to interview for one of three spots for the super-prestigious NPR Kroc Fellowship. The last episode ended on a serious cliffhanger, with a promise that the next episode will tell us whether or not she’ll be spending the next year in D.C.

A few weeks passed between these episodes. In these weeks, I googled ‘kroc fellow winners’, ‘kroc fellow 2015’, ‘megan tan kroc fellow’ — trying to find out, on my own, if she won the fellowship. Why? Because her storytelling is so compelling — so personal, so relatable — that you just want to know what happens next:

**Spoiler alert**

She doesn’t get it.

This episode of Millennial takes you the stages of rejection we’ve all felt — disappointment, jealousy, anger, acceptance – and that’s what makes listening so satisfying. Want to send Megan some words of encouragement? The next scene is Megan at a friend’s house. Want to know who the fellowship winners are, what they had that she didn’t? The next scene is Megan interviewing Lee, a fellowship winner with a background in special education. (He sounds nice.)

“Becoming More of a Somebody” ends the way many of her episodes do: with advice from her mom, input from her friends, and a bit of reflection that’s self-aware, humble, honest, and confident. Megan drives to the top of a mountain for some clarity and some Mariah Carey car-singing, and leaves you feeling hopeful, optimistic, excited. Maybe it’s a good thing that Megan didn’t get the Kroc Fellowship — she clearly has a voice and talent suited for bigger and better things. As her mom says, it’ll all make sense in time.

Millennial is a podcast by host Megan Tan that documents what people never teach you – how to maneuver your 20s.

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