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Introducing Community Ratings

Good fruit, bad apples.

You can now rate individual podcast episodes on Audiologue. Our new community ratings feature will allow us to do a couple cool new things, enumerated below.

First and foremost, it will make the site more informative. Audiologue has always been about helping people find (and ponder) podcasts they love. In our first year, Annie brought you along on her podcast first-listens; we called it Podcast Perusal. Now you can peruse and recommend based on what the community likes, by using our Podcast Database. Just click on a show to see it’s top rated episodes, and add your own rating on any episode page.

Curious about the best-ever episodes of Radiolab? Look no further. How about the rating over this random episode of Planet Money? Just click the link.

It will also help us guide our content. Each month, in addition to our regular reviews, we’ll do a write-up of the top episodes as rated by the Audiologue community. Moreover, we might devoting more resources to covering breakout podcasts that have done well in the ratings, or drop our reviews of larger ones that consistently under-perform their counter-parts. It’s hard to say exactly how this will evolve what we do on the contributor review side of things, but suffice it to say the wealth of community insight will only make our coverage better.

(Want us to index a podcast that’s not currently in our database so its accessible for community rating? Submit it for consideration.)

Right now, there aren’t a lot of ratings (we just added the feature after all), but hopefully you take some time to go and rate your favorite – and least favorite! – episodes of the shows you listen to. It will help people find the shows you love and the episodes you love even more.

We’re hoping to introduce more community-based features to Audiologue in the weeks to come, like enhanced episode discussions, show-specific discussion forums, and user homepages where visitors can see your top- and recently-rated shows and episodes.

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it, so shoot me an email at


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